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January 04, 2009



Hi Uttam,

Take a look at this post to see if answers any questions for you:

There is a strong relationship between the three.

User Experience is the name we give to the overall field, the quality of interaction we are trying to impact e.g. "improve the user experience".

Affective Design or Emotion Design is an emerging area of usability and is a key area in the user experience (pleasurability) along side ease of use, desirability, user satisfaction etc.

Emotion Design is inclusive of usability, and usability can often be inclusive of emotion design (if that is the design goal of the product).

For a theoretical model, take a look at some of my papers, you might find references there:

see Emotion as a Cognitive Artifact...


Hope this helps,


Hi Frank,
I am curious to know the relationship among: user experience, affective design, and usability issues. Is there any theoretical model built so far? I am interested to discuss the same, if possible.

Thank you
Uttam Kokil
PhD Student in Design
University of Minnesota

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