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August 27, 2009



I remember several websites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr) doing a relaunch and offering a nice beta opt-in communication and introduction of what is different. Unfortunately I forgot to make screenshots of this. Does anyone have screenshots or know links to a collection of such beta opt-in invitations? Thanks!

Frank Spillers

Hi Ayush,

Great question. Diary Studies are semi-effective as a card sorting technique (like card sorting). We have found Diary studies to be effective if:

- users are carefully instructed what needs to be done (make input easy).

- users are managed with regular contact.

- the start of diary study includes contextual interview (to ground the findings and speed up the discovery process).

- anything longer than 1.5-2 weeks tends to lower participation (unless you are paying a larger stipend).

hope that help! I will blog this with more insights and tips. Thanks! Frank

Ayush Saran

Have you had good success with Diary Studies?

Were users consistenly adding to their diaries on their own, i.e. without external prodding to update? is there a drop-off after which they would update less regularly?

I've found plenty of theory on the subject, but am looking for some practical advice to see if it works.

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