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July 31, 2010


Frank Spillers

Pkate1, I could not agree more with you!


@The uxperience. I did not interpret the blog post as suggesting woman-centered design exclusively. Instead, there is hardly any women-centered design in technology. Bluetooth headsets are uniformly hideous. Until the introduction of the iPhone, mobile handsets were clunky and awkward.

Love 'em or hate 'em, Zynga games (like Farmville and Cityville) are successful with women because they appeal to women's social and behavioral patterns: collaborative, generative, etc.

There needs to be attention given to woman-centered design in consumer products, especially if the majority of users are female.

Frank Spillers

Good question. It's clear we need more gender specific usability testing and user research to know for sure. What's evident to me is that if women are your main or a strong user group of your site or product (or an area of your social strategy) that you can appeal to them more strongly than they are being catered to today. There's no research to my knowledge to show that what works for women doesn't work for men. It's likely the case that web design needs more balance and inclusiveness of women.


So would designing more for women prove an alienation point for men in the future?

Will men find women orientated design a negative to their user experience for the site?

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